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Your tax needs are as individual as you are, so our approach to your preparing your income taxes is tailored to your specific situation. Here are some of the common tax issues we can handle.

  • Individual and Family Taxes – Our relationship with you is based on our passion for helping you with your taxes. Throughout the year, we stay current with the latest changes and developments in tax law. We'll make sure you get the deductions and credits you are entitled.
  • Business Taxes – We prepare sole proprietorship, S-Corporation and Partnership returns for your small and mid-sized business. We are especially knowledgable about the challenges of online retail businesses, as owners of our own successful internet shop.
  • Rental Income – We professionally prepare tax returns for owners of rental and Airbnb properties. We have extensive experience with knowing all allowable expense and depreciation deductions.
  • Trusts and Estates - Trusts and Estates are taxed in the highest tax bracket, so correct tax preparation and distribution of income is very important.
  • Employee Stock Options & Equity Compensation (RSU, ISO, NSO) – Correctly synchronizing awards reported on W-2's with stock awards reported on brokerage statements can be complex. Errors can result in double taxation. The alternative minimum tax, or AMT, can be a factor with incentive stock options. We'll sort it all out for you.
  • Foreign Expat Income? – US Citizens that live outside the USA are required to report worldwide income. Options to avoid double taxation include the foreign income exclusion and foreign tax credit. We can also help with other situations involving foreign income such as FBAR, foreign pension plans, tax treaty issues and more.
  • Selling your house? – We'll help report capital gains from the sale of a home, and apply the income exclusion from
  • Small Farm – We can help prepare Form F and take the special deductions available to farm owners.
  • Investment Income – We can help you correctly report stock trading activity and partnership income reported on K1's. We can also help with stock options, crypto (Bitcoin) and other complex trading activity.

Enrolled Agent

Kevin Strel is enrolled to practice and represent clients before the IRS.


Our office is located inside Spiceberry Home in Burton, on Vashon Island. We also work remotely if you are not on Vashon. Give us a call! We'll be happy to help.